Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Weather update-frosty nights ahead

The spire of Nicker Church this morning against a cold blue sky

Is anybody else confused?
Last Wednesday the sun was splitting the rocks and the afternoon reached a comfortably sweaty 22c.I went for a walk in three quarter lengths and a t-shirt and sweated on the way home.
Today-one week later- Arctic winds froze myself and Margaret on our walk to Old Pallas and back. Although I was wearing thermal underwear, a heavy duty body warmer and a warm coat and hat (I turned down the offer of gloves but regretted it after) I never warmed up!!  What the feck is going on with the weather?

fleece, keep it close!!!
That's all bad enough but frost at night is a bit of a pain in the arse. It's back to minding things, closing cold frames and glasshouses and putting fleece over delicate plants. I have a roll of horticultural fleece and its the business for this job. I haven't covered my potatoes which are just popping up outside. Hopefully the wind that has risen(bloody wind again) will keep the frost from the front Garden.

According to met eireann we can blame "polar winds" for the Arctic conditions. Last week they were thanking North Africa for our unseasonably good weather. Whats next fecking next polar bear migration to Limerick?I was watching human planet the other night watching those crazy Canadians catching polar bears who were trying to get into their town, drugging them and air lifting them miles away before releasing them. I can tell you right now Limerick co council cant afford the tranquilisers let alone the helicopter!!

Is it just me or are weather patterns changing? I don't remember extremes like this years ago. We had what my geography teacher Herr Heinrich's beat into us and I can remember to this day " a cool northern temperate climate". In other words mild and rainy. You could hardly call it that now. In spite of all the recent highs and lows it has been unusually calm, mild and dry since January. Many plants are almost a month ahead in growth and flowers.But the ground itself is rock hard and badly needs rain, we need about a week to ten days of rain really( not a popular thing to say to those working in an office Monday to Friday),but it looks like we might get some next week according to the forecast below.

Here's the long term weather forecast, from met eireann, we are in for more frosty nights so have your fleece at the ready!!(all info from met eireann)

rainclouds over Limerick city yesterday but very little rain

04 April 2012 11:40

Cold, bright and windy in places this afternoon. Many areas will be dry with sunny spells but there will be some well scattered rain or hail showers also, these mainly in coastal areas of Connaught, Ulster and Leinster. Top temperatures of 6 to 9 degrees.

Very cold with clear spells tonight. Most places will be dry but there is still a danger of a few wintry showers in parts of the southeast. Lowest temperatures between +2 and -2 degrees with a widespread frost and some icy patches.


Still quite cold and breezy tomorrow, Thursday with highest temperatures 7 to 10 degrees. Many areas will be dry with sunny spells at first, cloud will increase with some showery rain moving into northern areas later.


Thursday night: Cloudy over Connacht and Ulster with patchy rain or drizzle and minima of 4 to 6 degrees; clear spells over Munster and Leinster with minima of +2 to -1 degrees and local frost/icy patches.

Good Friday: Mostly cloudy on Friday with scattered outbreaks of light rain or drizzle. Somewhat less cold but still rather cool; highest temperatures 10 to 12 degrees in moderate to fresh northwesterly winds. Cloudy and rather mild Friday night with patchy drizzle and lowest temperatures of 5 to 8 degrees.

Holy Saturday:
Some bright or sunny spells but many areas cloudy with some patchy drizzle about. Getting a little milder with highest temperatures 10 to 13 degrees in moderate to fresh northwesterly winds. A mild night with temperatures not falling below 6 or 7 degrees.

Easter Sunday: Slightly milder again with highs of 11 to 14 degrees. A blustery day with fresh westerly winds. There will be some bright or sunny spells in the morning then cloud is likely to thicken with persistent rain spreading southeastwards during the day.

Easter Monday: A possibility of cool, wet weather but uncertain.
Easter week: Changeable weather conditions dominated by mobile Atlantic systems tracking close to or over Ireland feeding in mild but occasionally wet and windy weather.


  1. Weather patterns not good at all. Greenhouse full along with two cold frames. Seeds sprouting everywhere. It looks like another week minimum of this according to which gives a detailed forecast of about 10 days.

  2. Its very annoying Chris after such a great start!

  3. My late father used to refer to the first 3 days of April as "The old cows days" what he meant was that animals were still vulnernable and weak after the winter.

  4. Thats really interesting John, I must ask at home if Grandad ever said similar.