Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Jacks Garden

Jack cutting bamboo for Miriam-it was hilarious watching her trying to get it into her car!
Had a funny day today at Jacks-is there any other type of day? Those of you who spent last year there know what I'm talking about! My jaws are aching from laughing so much! Jack outdid himself distributing bamboo, massaging cramped legs and providing dinners for some of the girls. He is getting more infamous by the week!
Tom watering the carrots-check out the spuds
Anyway we were lucky to spend the cold, freezing, day snug (and sweating) in the tunnel where everything is coming on wonderfully well. Jacks own seedlings of cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbages and broccoli were huge. He did a great trade in plant exchange! and the potatoes carrots and peas growing in the ground are really thriving. I'm really beginning to look forward to our first class dinner in June.
After lunch he took us down to the pond where we saw hundreds of tadpoles basking in the sun. The newts are in the pond now too. Tadpoles are their favourite food, "without newts the country would be overrun with frogs" as Jack delicately put it!

Jack and Mary in the "house of prayer"
After that it was a tour to see his new "house of prayer". A willow structure with a little bench inside for resting and contemplation. Somehow I cant see Jack doing much of either in there!

Of course the main attraction of the day was visiting the bluebells which are in full glorious flower at the moment. A few of us managed to get into the glade and on the ground to get this beautiful pic.

Jack looks over his bluebell empire
We did manage to get some work done! Inside the tunnel the carrots were surrounded by volunteer tomato seedlings and some small weeds so we cleared all of that out. We weeded the spuds and the peas too. I was disappointed in the peas, there were a few gaps where they did not germinate, but at least we have spares.
Finally I brought cut and come lettuce, rocket, texel greens and oriental leaves to get our weekly salad at lunch time going. Maudie, Tom and Miriam transplanted them into the tunnel, leaving a piece at the end for Jack to plant chilli's and later on cucumbers on a wigwam support.

Tom transplanting in the final oriental mixed leaves
Finally Jack explained his Tomato support system to the lads as they were curious about the pots they spotted at the other end of the tunnel with twine hanging out the side and tomato seedlings on top.They took the opportunity for a ridiculous photo op that completed the craziness of the day!

The Irish models wouldn't get a look in !


  1. Hope Jack is still using the accelerator for his compost that I told him about last year. If not you might remind him.

  2. I will John!
    His compost could do with some acceleration!!
    Maybe you will pop in and help him out....??