Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How to clean Leeks

last of the leeks-great flavour compared to shop bought
Hunger struck on Saturday lunchtime so it was down to the garden to scrounge around for soup supplies. One head of cauliflower remained and a gang of leeks. The leeks were sown in two batches last year, the last batch going in too late I think because they never really came to size before Christmas. It's only since the mild spring that they fattened out enough to be usable. There are still a few, hardly thicker than a bamboo cane below. Don't worry their day will come too. I think an omelet with creamed baby leeks might be nice!

The cauliflower was spared, and offered to the dinner pot for cauliflower cheese. The leeks were cleaned, weighed and assigned to the lunch pot for Potato and Leek soup. I use a recipe of Darina Allen's and she asks you not to use the green tops, only the white main stem. Since my stems were more green than white this wasn't an option! If you are wondering why she wants you to use the white stem its to keep the soup a delicate creamy white colour. Using greener parts wont affect the delicious taste. My soup was much greener, leading to my husband and brother suspiciously asking "what else did you put in it" ? They suspected me of adding nettles I'm sure, since they are very edible too at the moment. Jack and I reckon growth is three weeks ahead of schedule at the moment, so its not too early to start drinking nettle tea and making soup.

If you don't know what to do with a leek here it is;

Take the leeks on to newspaper shake off soil and remove outer rough skin
Trim off the green leaves and the root end
slice lengthways to half way through the leek
now you can wash all the layers, getting rid of soil that is trapped in between
Weigh and slice, cook and enjoy!
Darinas recipe is here Winter Leek and Potato Soup

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