Monday, 16 April 2012

Orange tip butterflies everywhere!

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Yesterday on the cycle to Boher and back I counted 10 Orange tip butterflies dancing in the roadside verges. Apparently they are one of the earliest butterflies to emerge in April feeding almost exclusively on cuckoo flowers which are blooming now. I only saw one Orange tip butterfly in the garden two evenings ago, and as there are no cuckoo flowers maybe that's why.There should be a little group of them under the Eastern hedge where they flowered last year but they were not to be seen when I checked yesterday.If you have cuckoo flowers(also known as Ladies Smock) in your garden keep your eyes peeled for the Orange tip Butterflies.
All Irish butterflies are covered on this lovely website Irish Butterflies , for Jude and Co its

Males have the Orange tips, females are white with mottled under wings
Cuckoo flower 2011

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