Saturday, 28 April 2012

Glasshouse envy

Marys Fabulous Glasshouse
OK Mary, I know you are reading this, you must admit that if we are to be envious of anyone it should be you! That glasshouse is amazing!

Mary and Ollie
Thursday morning I took the Lough Gur Group down the road to visit Marys garden. Everyone was enamoured with her beautiful glasshouse and all the amazingly healthy seedlings inside. I haven't seen this lot so animated on any other visits, the notebooks were out and there was serious note-taking going on! Of course Mary had the good sense to put a deckchair inside too, you must be able to sit and admire your work (or hide from the rest of the world) Good thinking Mary!

Getting stuck in
Once we got outside we got everyone organised to help plant a long border to go around the glasshouse and the raised bed vegetable garden behind. I think they had such a soft visit to Ursula's house last week they were in shock at the concept of work!! We planted Cosmos that are already beginning to bloom, calendula and sweet peas at strategic locations for climbing over an arch.All the plants were big, healthy and well hardened off. Its great doing a slow job like this with a gang of people-It becomes an easy and a fast job to do!

Mary went far too easy on them all by making a lovely baked breakfast bromlette (at least that's what I'm calling it-Bread base with omelet style filling). Followed by scones with jam and all washed down with tea and coffee.I think she could have knocked another job or two out of them after all that fine dining.Next time Mary more work!

A bit like the ICA this crowd need the promise of a cup of tea!

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