Monday, 23 April 2012

The Arboretum

the immaculate lawns out front at Fota
Before we left Fota we had a nice walk through the arboretum ( I may actually be able to spell arboretum after posting this!). There is loads of work going on, new trees being planted, the old walled garden being restored. It needs a full day,a sensible pair of walking shoes (no hangover) with a packed picnic to really enjoy it.

"garden gate" doesn't do it justice
The orangery-I could die happy here!
Orange and lemon trees inside
beautiful planters inside the orangery
cool bark!
ridiculously tall trees
very comfy garden chair
beautiful tree peony
lots of fab camellias
flowering myrtle threw jasmine like  perfume into the air
shocking pink rhododendron
eerily like being in another country walking into this copse of trees

warning sign for the fernery...
in case the dinosaurs get you!
off to middle earth we go...
I have loads of photos, but I cant do it justice. Hopefully when the walled garden and glasshouses are restored the veg and fruit gardens will be just as impressive as the rest of the grounds.

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