Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rain at last!! but cold weather ahead

Good news! more rain on the way
It finally rained!
I'm not a fan of the cold but the ground was getting impossible to dig or weed. I think its going to rain on and off for the rest of the week which is brilliant but unfortunately there was mention of colder temperatures-from the bloody Arctic of course-where else? Watch out for the next 5 nights-lots of frost forecast.

from met eireann

General : The weather will remain showery up to and over the weekend. Cool most days and cold over the weekend, despite some sunshine each day. Cold, frosty nights are expected too, with possibly some icy patches.

Thursday Night: Cold with clear skies in many places. Scattered rain and hail showers also, mainly on north and northwest coasts. Lowest temperatures -2 to plus 2 C., with a sharp to severe frost and with a risk of a few icy patches on roads.

Friday will be a cool, bright day with sunny spells and showers. The showers will be heaviest and most frequent over Ulster and north Leinster, with some hail and thunder possible. Top temperatures of 8 to 11 C., in light to moderate northerly winds. Cold on Friday night with clear spells and scattered rain or hail showers, these mainly on parts of the east and north coasts. Lowest temperatures of plus 1 to -2 C., with a widespread hard frost and possibly some icy patches on the roads.

Saturday and Sunday will be cold, bright days with moderate to fresh northeasterly winds. Some sunny spells each day, but some rain or hail showers also, with possibly even a little sleet on hills and mountains of the north and east. Top temperatures just 7 to 10 C., which are a few degrees below normal for mid April. Both nights will be very cold and frosty, with temperatures as low as -2 or -3 C., in places and there may well be some icy patches also.

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