Friday, 6 April 2012

The perfect climbing rose?

nice healthy specimen from Toss Bryan in Fermoy, Co. Cork
Last weekend I bought what may be the perfect climbing rose. It's name is Zephirine Drouhin. It is an old Burbon rose from 1868. I had been reading up on it online it seems to tick all the boxes. It came at a good price too just under €10.

  • It is one of the first roses to flower and the last to finish
  • Its branches are almost thornless
  • It has a wonderful old rose scent
  • It repeat flowers all summer long
  • Its easy to train as a climber, but can be grown as a shrub rose or in hedges too
  • It will flourish on North facing walls and in poorer soils

The only downside is that it can suffer from lack or airflow!! not a problem here I think. Out to the north facing, windswept front wall we go!

Rose from Toss Bryan

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