Saturday, 28 April 2012

Earth up yer Spuds

Noticed this yellow discolouration as I was earthing up
Lads I'm a big fan of the jobs that kill two birds with one stone so today, when Seamus was digging out the path for the terrace, I got him to drop the topsoil down to the veg garden where first and second Earlie's were in need of earthing up. Earthing up is a mystery to a lot of people but really its like being an over-anxious Irish mother. Instead of fretting over your ankles(which my mother is forever doing for some strange reason!), fret over the stems of the spuds. Just think of them as exposed necks, in danger of catching cold. If you pull the earth up around their necks they will be nice and cosy-no chance of catching a cold. Between here and June keep up the fretting (the earthing up) and your spuds will be the best looked after, most contented spuds in Ireland ( or Sheffield!).


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