Monday, 7 May 2012

Verbena bonariensis-erratic germination.

Verbena bonariensis in late Summer
Hi all! another lovely day-I love it when the met office get it wrong! Today I was opening the cold frame when I noticed a tray of verbena b. that I had thrown out in sheer frustration had germinated. This had been through chilling in the fridge and a spell on the propagator. Finally when I could take it no longer I left the tray outside, without its plastic cover. It was left on the path exposed to the elements to get wet and dry according to what the weather was doing, I didn't even think to water it. Having forgotten about it for weeks now it decides to germinate!!

I thought I would share it with you all, especially Mary J who was getting a bit fed up with her attempts to grow it from seed too, so persevere Mary, throw it out and leave it to its own devices. In some of the places I have seen it grow the plants seed themselves very successfully without "help" from us. Some of the most frustrating seeds, verbena, foxgloves, poppies need wilful neglect to get going.

typical! after all my hard work!!!

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