Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Honey bees swarming

Walked down the garden this morning to find it awash with honey bees! They are really keen on one big bed bursting with poached egg flowers. Where the hell did they come from? I rang Jack to find out where his nearest hives are, he told me the P.P.s house a few miles away. Anyway he said it was much more likely a swarm as the bees are swarming like mad at the moment. Woo hoo! well good for us, not the beekeepers. Keep yer eyes and ears peeled for friendly local swarms to pollinate your crops for you.I thought a video said it best (the hum from the garden is quite amazing-reminds me of being at Jacks) so here is a very small short one. If it doesn't work here's a utube link; bees

Just to let you know I will never win an award at Cannes for my camera work!!

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