Thursday, 3 May 2012

Main crop spuds

Its a bit of a squeeze for the main crop spuds
Another lovely day today, not as sunny as yesterday but still calm and warm, any day you get to sit outside eating dinner can only be a good one. So roll on more of this weather in May!
As it was a root day today, and it will be again tomorrow, and Saturday, its time to get the finger out and sow the main crop spuds. This evening I put in 8 Tolucas in the new potato bed. These are the spuds the lads in Ellen street recommended. They are resistant to most diseases, including blight and are supposedly delicious and floury! They are Scottish seed potatoes, so the reputation of all in Scotland depend upon them!

Fancy a toluca?
The thing I forget about main crops is the distances they need apart-that's why I only got 8 tubers in one 8x4 bed. So I have tolucas left over and I'm scratching my head as to where to put them. The half cleared-covered-in-weeds bed has been already set aside for main crop spuds and now I have no choice but to finish weeding it. I have King Edwards, Black Bog, Tibet and Maris Pipers to plant yet, but there are only 5 of each, but then I have 25 Mayan Twilight!!!!The Maths are not looking good.Do I try and cheat by putting them closer together, or obey the rules and get the best yields I can? Maybe the most important question is does anyone want to try my leftover tolucas?

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