Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mulching with cardboard and grass

Mulch with Purple beech planted through it, in need of a top-up
Sunday. Day of rest. Or maybe not. After all it is dry-praise the Lord for the fine day and I'm sure he will forgive us for making the best use of it.Mum I hope you're not reading this-if you are we can have a theological discussion as to where Jesus pointed it out in the Bible that you're not to garden on a Sunday( the only advantage to having studied the bible is the amount of times it saves me in these types of discussions with my darling mother).Thank God mum hates reading, the very size of the Bible defeats her.

Two problems happen simultaneously in May. Grass takes off and weeds take off, both at the same time.These two problems have one solution as far as I'm concerned, but for some reason its unfashionable to say it. As demonstrated on Friday when one of my Students was telling me they were at a loss to know what to do with all the grass they are cutting around the town.

"Surely its too much for a compost heap? "
"Yes,"I agreed, "it is".
"What will we do with it so? "
"Use it as a mulch around your new hedge" I said
His eyes glazed over-not what he wanted to hear!
He has a long way to go.

Pile of fresh cut grass at the ready
Lazy gardening people! lazy gardening is where it's at. You can call it permaculture, hug a fecking tree I don't care but you should be looking for the soft option in everything and spending feck all in this recession while you're at it. Allow me to demonstrate;

Pile of fresh cut grass
Arrange (free)cardboard(obtained from shop) around hedging plants/trees/roses/insert plant here
Pile up grass on top of cardboard
Top up whenever it needs it
No actual weeding required


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