Monday, 11 February 2013

On your marks, get set,.. sprout

Duke of york chitting in the utility
Chitting/Sprouting whatever you want to call it, has finally gotten underway. The last time I called in the two boys in Ellen Street had most of their first and second early seed potatoes so I have bought my first few varieties which are now in egg boxes, rose end up, sprouting away in the utility with Ginger for company.

Chitting turns out to be one of those words that is incredibly incindenary in a classroom, making the most grown up of men giggle like teenage girls. It was with some difficulty that I managed to keep it all together when Jack waded into the foray last week, wisely telling my strapping men from Cappamore just how dangerous it can be to mis-pronounce a simple word like "chitting"...

This year I am trying out these first earlies;

Plain old Duke of York (not red) supposedly one of the best first earlies
Aaron pilot rumoured to have an exceptional new potato taste
Maris Bard  again all about the new potato taste, high yields and rumoured to be a good salad potato too


  1. It wold take Jack to put a funny twist on it, I always enjoyed his humurous comments.Hope he is keeping well. Best wishes John

  2. Hi John!
    Jack is keeping well! He had a small operation about a month ago but he is almost back to normal. Hope you are keeping well too and your bees are well and happy!