Monday, 28 January 2013

Storm damage

A messy affair
I discovered a downside to glasshouses when I pulled up the blind this find a trail of splintered broken glass on the ground. It's been a blustery few days but either overnight or some time today the wind found it's way into a corner of the glasshouse blowing down one of the largest wall panes.

I'm amazed to have missed the noise given that I sleep right next to it,and usually any high winds equals sleepless nights but Seamus has been hunting drafts and closing vents in a bit to make the house warmer with the end result that I am now sleeping through the most violent of storms and missing all the drama outside.

Rover style dog
Replacing the glass is not so bad, picking up the broken bits is by far he biggest pain in the arse. To top if off our neighbours daft dog Charlie (a King Charles Spaniel)has been visiting in the last few days,(to shit on the lawn the fecker) and to bark at me in my own driveway as I drive in!-how insulting is that???. And to think I have voluntarily taken him for walks!! He's a bit accident prone, so I had better pick it all up before he comes back over and cuts himself on it (if he does I will be the asshole for having glass lying around don't you know?).I have met a few of these King Charles over the years and lets just say there is a better chance of getting a cat to win a table quiz than to get them to do anything remotely intelligent!. Of all the dog breeds, they could carry off the trophy for sheer stupidity. No doubt someone will contradict me on this. If you have met a stupider dog be sure to add a comment! We were reared with trained cattle dogs and Labradors at home. Dogs that could buy and sell you. One of our best dogs"Rover"( a mongrel with alsation/collie mixed blood by the look of him) was even the "King" of all the local dogs. My neighbour saw him on a wall with all the other neighbourhood dogs at his feet commanding a dog meeting one evening.I bet the King Charles didn't even know a meeting was on!!

idiot dog trap
If anyone else in East Limerick has lost a pane or two yesterday or today my man with a glass replacement plan is Martin Begley. Great rates, prompt service- highly recommend him.

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