Monday, 25 February 2013

Signs of life

the perfect start to the perfect day
Before the day gets lost and buried under the piles of to-do lists and CAN NO LONGER PUT OFF lists I'm sitting here savouring what I think (by far) is the nicest morning of the year so far. A light frosty start, smiling blue skies and heart lifting sunshine-the perfect Spring morning.

Owing to a cut typing finger(I have only the one unlike these incredibly annoying people who can use two whole hands worth) progress on the writing front is slow today, so don't be surprised if I publish this as midday having started just after 8am. Its been a busy few weeks since I was last blogging with trips to the hospital taking up most of the time. Not myself I hasten to add but my dear mother in law and my second mother from home, both of whom are now doing much better. My mother in law has a new friend, her comerade in arms Bernadette in the next bed, they have great banter and fun particularly over one battleaxe of a matron! Mary will be missed when they hopefully let her home today.

yesterdays seed sowing on the propagator
 Peggy my best friends Mum and one of my own mothers dear friends is in coronary care and although I only got to see her once (having bluffed my way up to her) she is in great form despite being so ill with her sense of humour firmly intact. You really would need it, particularly in A&E where Mary spent her first night and us with her. It was Valentines night and lets just say its hard to think of romance when the room is awash with guards, a beaten up wife with a small child, a brutal mugging and a stabbing at a house party full of drunken low life louts who all show up at the hospital to continue the original fight. I left the morning after thoroughly worn out but I happily went to work feeling grateful that I teach Horticulture and I'm not a  nurse. Mary and Jude I dont know how you do it, hats off to you thats all I can say.

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