Friday, 22 June 2012

Slug gone

In Eileen's garden slug-gone is protecting climbing beans
Slugs are staging a comeback. After two hard winters that decimated their populations dramatically they have not only recovered but actually tripled in quantity and this wet weather means the slug party is going on non-stop day and night. I was talking about this last night with Chris at the Croagh GIY. I was telling him about something I had seen in Eileen's garden on Tuesday that looked like cat shit.Its actually a biodegradable barrier against slugs made from wool pellets.Eileen is trialling it and finding it really works! Chris was telling me it's expensive but maybe its worth it if you have a particular thing that you are minding and your slug patrols are leaving you with urges to do violent things! If you're interested here is the website, but you will probably find it in most garden centres.

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