Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fantastic fungi

Fantastic! but I'd never attempt to eat it!
Look at these enormous fungi I met this morning on my way through Ballycahill. They were growing out of a tree on the side of the road-I nearly crashed the van when I saw them! I have much more value in fungi since I was at a Compost training day organised by NOTS (National Organic Training Skillnet) where a young Australian scientist called Joel Williams working at laverstokepark, an Organic and Biodynamic farm and research station in the UK gave us the best rundown on soil ecology I have ever had, placing huge emphesis on the value of fungi and the benefits of making compost for the health of the soil. If you are interested in getting a better understanding of the soil and how to look after it you can start here;


In the meantime treasure your fungi, and let them flower, thats what the bit is that sticks up above the ground!

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