Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day of work for Dace

Dace watering in the sweetcorn this evening
Dace tells me that in Latvia people are under the impression that poor Latvians have the arses worked off them here in Ireland. After today we both agree it's true, and now we have the photos to prove it!

The day began with a quick jaunt around the Milk Market. We bought chocolate and fudge, haggled over an old high Nelly bike, talked to Martin about gates and fairies(I'm not joking, he told me some woman wanted him to come to a fairy fort with him, apparently she believes in fairies, I reckon it wasn't fairies she was after!!) I told him Mary J about your gate!! bought Ballysteen new potatoes, ate a hearty vegetarian Indian dinner for lunch and hit Ellen street for sea-mun-gus, netting and mypex.

There is something very cool about this scene!
After town we headed to the recycling centre in Mungret where while looking for a bike we found this cool and perfect rocking chair that some ape threw out. Its amazing what some people consider rubbish. We took turns trying it out, much to the amusement of the staff and passersby. In the end we agreed, it was worthy of rescue, a new coat of paint and I will have an outdoor rocking chair to watch the world go by.Dace told me her current landlord in Cork kitted out his whole house from carefully chosen recycled pieces of furniture. She says it looks lovely.

Working hard at Jimmy's stables
By the time we got back home we were gasping with the thirst but instead of sensibly getting a drink of water we rounded up Seamus who was wrecked from excavating the patio and opened three bottles of Kopparberg strawberry and lime cider-delicious! Fearing we might end up on the hammered end of a slippery slope we took to garden work. First we weeded two beds, emptied the compost heap, filled the pea bed with the compost , put in the support posts and wire and transplanted in three trays of broad beans. Then we hi-tailed it back to Jimmy's stables for horse manure, filled a van load of horse manure into bags, came home, filled the planting holes with the manure and sea-mun-gus and transplanted out the sweet corn.

My glamorous assistant
By now it was getting late. We just had time to tie in the mange tout and peas before we gathered up tools and went in to cook dinner. Courtesy of Green saffron Spices and Dace we had a delicious Subzi Sensation Veggie dinner with new potatoes, the last pumpkin from stores and cauliflower, the recipe's  here at green saffron recipes. We are now crashed in front of the TV mindlessly watching something about lady boys!, bodies worn out, brains fried.

So yes, Latvians do have the arses worked off of them, and here are the photos to prove it! Thank you Dace for your great company and hard work all day. Any other Latvians interested in hard work right this way.....


  1. Love the chair, once it has a nice coat of Ronseal Wild sage followed by a couple of glasses of cider it will be perfect for any Co. Limerick garden

  2. Love the chair, once it has a nice coat of Ronseal Wild sage followed by a couple of glasses of cider it will be perfect for any Co. Limerick garden

  3. My God your'e a mind reader! thats just what I was thinking!!