Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cabbage root fly? worms up to no good!

look at the carnage!
I was transplanting out a tray of french beans when I realised they were very lopsided in the tray, kind of loose, footless-hard to describe really. Anyway when I got them out I found each had its roots and lower stems mowed down to wisps by gangs of clear tiny worms. The upper part looked fine, healthy green and growing well, what the?

click on the photo to get the bigger version, this pic is for scale really

I have no idea what these guys are, I have not seen them before in my garden. I know baby earthworms can start off as small clear worms but I have never seen them attack roots of plants before. Ive been looking up websites and consulting books to no avail. I thought they were cabbage root fly but they are described as white, and photographed on line as much large whiter worms. And anyway Cabbage root fly shouldn't be eating dwarf french beans surely??? If you have seen and know who these feckers are please post in the comments!! thanks


  1. looks like fungus knat larve which do eat roots when they are in the soil

  2. Thanks Tash, have you had these boys in your garden?