Thursday, 6 June 2013

Fantastic Gardens to visit in Limerick

Beautiful new feature at Knockpatrick
Lads while the weather is good get yourself off to see some of the loveliest gardens our fair county has to offer and find inspiration for your own garden (or work for your other half for the winter). In the last few weeks I have taken students to two of the best in County Limerick at Terra Nova near Dromin, Bruff and to Knockpatrick gardens near Shanagolden. Both very different but with a few crucial things in common, warm welcomes, a great passion for plants and stunning gardens to see.Here are some recent photos from both.

Super tall Sue poses with the Rhododendrons
Tim and Helen impart wisdom in the woodland garden
lush cherry blossom in the arboretum
stunning views from the deck of the terraced garden
Check out last years blog post here for more information on the garden and the fabulous pair who own it. Tim and Helen use the money raised on garden visits for the Cystic Fibrosis unit at the Regional Hospital in Limerick so all visitors are contributing to a great cause.

Terra Nova
one of the many lovely peonies
looking across the pond to the Thai hut
Deborah takes the tour to the newest part of the garden
Gorgeous arbour in the front garden
beautiful specimen plants including golden bamboo
Check out last years blog post here on Martin and Deborah and the fab garden at Terra Nova. This year they are doing a whole series of garden events as well as open days and guided tours including; picnic Saturdays, treasure hunts, and a twilight garden party in August! check it all out here


  1. What fabulous gardens, I always see open garden days advertised but never get around to visiting them. I had remarked on the scale and variety of wildflowers everywhere this year, they seem to have overlapped in seasons. i have taken pics of our ditches which I must get around to uploading but I'm trying to get through the ones of Bloom!
    I can't believe the variety of veg you are trialing!i don't do chillis but S. Billy was interested in trying them but we were so late starting this year we did'nt get around to them

  2. I think we must be mad! Now there is talk of getting a this rate i will have to quit working altogether! Just going to bed after another long evening in the garden, its so fabulous that its almost impossible to quit.we were planting up hanging baskets of tumbling tomatoes, more experimenting! had two great days at bloom, did you enjoy it?