Thursday, 25 April 2013

Volunteers wanted for sweet pepper trials

Minature bell peppers in the cold frame
Lads if any of you are interested in the minature sweet bell peppers or the long super sweet Ramiro Peppers I am looking for volunteers to participate in a trial of one or both. I have germinated the seedlings and am currently growing them to pot on in the next few weeks. Once potted on they will be looking for homes, ideally under glass or plastic, or at a push a very wrm sheltered patio outside. All you have to do is grow them, feed them and report on the yields. Let me know if you are interested!


  1. Hi Marie I could take plant for you and record yield,I'm in Wicklow and have a polytunnel on my allotment.sue

  2. Hi Sue and Deborah peppers will be ready for dispatch soon!

  3. Sue and Deborah,at this late stage you must be expecting a plant covered in chillies but no such luck- out of all I grew 2 survived! so apologies to both of you, but if I am stupid enough to repeat the experiment next year and ye are still interested you will get them, I promise!