Monday, 4 March 2013

Hedge cutting hernia

If only cats had thumbs
Last chance to cut your hedges! Seamus was at it over the weekend(well I would do it but I was demoted to raking and cutting up the branches as I lack the upper body strength to handle the machine) with a rented piece of equipment that kept jamming on the blackthorn. Finally in sheer frustration (having opened and taken apart the blades several times only for it to jam up again almost immediately when he started to use it) he reverted back to hand tools making it more sensible to use a chainsaw than a hedge cutters next time we have to prune. These hedge cutters may be good for soft evergreen shrubs but they are a disaster with the woody stuff. Ginger stood around amused by the idiot humans making a mess all over the lawn. Whiskers came over on a visit(Gingers friend from next door is a beautiful white cat whose nose is solidly out of joint since his family got a fantastically over excitable puppy-the fools!) and was equally amused by our ridiculous antics. In the end gathering up the branches became a type of game with Ginger pouncing as I tried to take them up and Whiskers like Emperor Nero watching it all from the relative comfort of the dusty dry ground under the hedge.What absolute morons we must appear to other animals. Even the birds seemed to stop and have a good laugh at our expense!Do you know of any other animal that makes such unnecessary work for themselves? No, me neither!Next year Whiskers and Ginger can cut the hedge while Seamus and I will sit out watching them having a good laugh at their expense.

I might get finished raking in early May

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