Tuesday, 18 September 2012

James Wong, Suttons and some interesting seeds

Callaloo from www.suttons.co.uk
Yesterdays post brought me some strange seeds that I ordered from Sutton's. The beauty of growing things from seed is the possibility of trying out all sorts of strange and wonderful things that you will never in a million years find in local shops or other peoples gardens. James Wong,  the guy encouraging us to grow our own drugs(and in fairness who could say that is a bad idea?) is now, with the help of Sutton's Seed Co. encouraging everyone to grow weird and wonderful veg and fruit too. He even has a book about it. If you are looking for some inspiration have a look, I'm especially looking forward to growing Callaloo, Caribbean spinach that grows in Technicolours!

more info here


  1. Saw that on the site myself and really interested in setting up an area of garden to grow some of them. Problem is which ones but knowing me I will just order a packet of each and plant way too much :-)

  2. I am well on the way to doing the same thing myself-its quite dangerous with seeds!