Wednesday, 1 August 2012

All Ireland Scarecrow festival all week in Durrow!

looking a bit drunk- must have been in faultys bar!
It was the last thing I expected as we drove into Durrow for lunch yesterday but feck me if the whole town hasen't gone mad on Scarecrows. The "All Ireland Scarecrow Festival" is in it's second year and I can't help but think that the enterprising people of Durrow have hit upon a novel idea for a summer event.There is a main prize of €3000 for the best scarecrow and the competition is fierce.

The town is awash with scarecrows and bunting and has its very own "Scarecrow Village" on the green. We ended up going to the village for a tour of the entries(for the princely sum of €1!) and a little light shopping with some enterprising little girls who had set up a bric-a-brac stall.

brilliant scary lion in the scarecrow village
Scarecrows included Mary poppins flying between buildings in the town, synchronised swimmers in the river near the bridge, Marylin Monroe with her skirt blowing up, the famous lunch on a skyscraper re-enacted by scarecrows near the castle, teenage mutant ninja turtle scarecrows, a scarecrow Jack horner eating his pie in the cafe window and scarecrows spiderman and the green hornet having a coke and a break from crimefighting!

Crow with a double barrel shotgun-my favourite!
There are craft workshops and all manner of fun and games planned for the weekend so check it out if you are nearby. Plus Durrow castle re-opens today with amazing organic gardens to go visit too. No I'm not on comission, just doing my bit for the crazy people of Durrow!

Check out more here;

and check out the castle gardens here;
castledurrows gardens

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