Monday, 9 July 2012

Blackbird invasion on the fruit bushes

blue scare tape, makes a weird anti-bird  noise
Those bastards of birds have appeared in droves, attacking Logan berries, gooseberries (only the sweet ones of course), blueberries and anything else vaguely looking ripe and ready. I am ready to Murder, all sorrow for last weeks bird casualty is gone! that's for fecking sure!!!

Out with the scare tape, and the nets and a shotgun if I had one. Ginger is one cat too few, I need an army of angry cats to keep these flying pests at bay. Where could I get an army of angry cats I wonder?

The scare tape is up and they just ignore it. Now its causing me trouble ducking and diving underneath and around it. Its constantly bloody raining so I cant pick the fruit for jam!!! Arragh!! in desperation I go out in the rain and pick the sweet gooseberries. At least we can eat those in the next few days. God I hate the bloody blackbirds!

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